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For the past 30 years, the Professional Opticians of Florida have dedicated themselves to enhancing the competency of opticians, advancing the profession of opticianry, for the purpose of dispensing the best vision possible to the citizens of Florida.

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Ramada Plaza Beach Resort on Fort Walton Beach

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January 2016


Wow! Congratulations Florida Opticians! Governor Rick Scott has recognized National Opticians Month by signing a Proclamation. This Proclamation shows the importance of Florida Opticians in the eyecare delivery system to the citizens of Florida. Be proud and print this Proclamation so you can display it in your offices and stores. Thanks to POF for getting this accomplished!!

Signed, A very proud Florida Optician,

David Couch
President, Professional Opticians of Florida
Alone we can do good, together we can accomplish the Greatest!

Governor Rick Scott proclaims January National Opticians Month in Florida

January 2016

On December 21st, 2015, Governor Rick Scott signed this proclamation declaring January National Opticians Month in Florida. Download the Proclamation as a PDF


2015 Central Florida Local Chapter Education & Events

January 31, 2016 8:00AM

Central FL

4th Annual Charity
Golf Tournament
to benefit the
Lions' Entitites of Central Florida

Eagle Creek Golf Club

10350 Emerson Lakes Blvd.
Orlando, Florida 32832

Register by contacting the Central Florida Local Chapter and filling out a registration form and returning it to the Chapter:

p: 407-765-5600

Wes Stuart
p: 601-606-4178

Registration: $99 per golfer

Includes: Greens fees, cart fee, pre-round range balls, and Awards Luncheon

2015 Fall Edition of American Optician

has been completed and OAA and POF are very proud to present it to you

Fall 2015 American Optician Cover

In this Edition, you will find articles on the following hot topics...

  • Are You Ready for Digital Dispensing?
  • ANSI Revises Three Standards
  • How Much Do You Charge for Services?
  • The Debate About Essilor's Purchase of Vision Source
  • Do You Charge for Eyeglass Services?
  • What's the Potential Liability on PDs
  • OAA at Opticon
The Opticians Association of America and Professional Opticians of Florida truly hopes that you will check out the publication. 

To view the magazine


The Beginning of POF: 
The Legacy of the Cards Family in Opticianry

The first Card's Opticians, Inc started on State Hwy 17-92 back in 1957. The proprietor was Harold G. Card Sr. who ran the business with the help of his wife, Dorothy. As this family business grew, and parking became a problem, Harold and Dorothy decided to move their store to downtown Winter Park. They decided to rent a place on Knowles Avenue in back of the Barnett Bank. To make a long story short, the bank decided to build drive-thru tellers, and Card's Opticians.Inc had to move to a new location on Knowles Avenue, across the street at 180 S. Knowles and that is where Card's Opticians still is today. Harold and Carol joined the Optical in 1965 and helped with the Business.

Harold became licensed 1963. He worked with his Mom and Dad from then on. Harold Sr. was instrumental in starting optician licensing in Florida. He along with many other Statewide opticians organized and went to Tallahassee to tell the legislature why this was necessary. Harold's father's number was 120. Harold's number is 377. The Card Family was all about licensing and later an Association was started by those same men who fought for licensing.

Read More on Cards & Florida Opticians

The Association started about 1956 and was called Florida Association of Dispensing Opticians and was run by a man named Al McFadden. He lived in Sarasota, but was instrumental in holding conventions with continuing education. By this time, Carol had joined Card's Opticians. Licensing was still important and Carol apprenticed under Harold G. Card Sr. In 1977, Carol became licensed. Her license is 1075 and she had been working for FADO and became president of the local chapter. This lasted quite a few years. During that time, Carol wrote the newsletter monthly. Harold III joined Card's Opticians in the late 1970s. Terri started to work for Card's Opticians in 1986 and ran the Orlando Card's Opticians. Hal took over laboratory work at Winter Park. Carol now was out front adjusting and selling frames. She also took to contact lens fitting and adjusting. All that Harold Sr. had taught her made this all possible. Harold Sr. passed away in 1985. He was missed by Harold, Carol, and Dorothy.

In about 1980, the Miami FADO was unhappy with the way Al McFadden was running FADO and decided they were going to quit the Association. The north part of the State wanted to keep FADO and so the fight began and a lot of hard feelings caused FADO to dissolve. In the middle of the state a few people including Carol got involved and decided to try to form an Association housed in Tallahassee as the location would be best for all of Florida. In 1982 Professional Opticians of Florida began.

Carol was still president of CFC. Harold Card Jr. served as Vice President of POF when it began. Carol ran for Secretary of POF in 1984 and was the secretary of the POF for a year. About that time a seat became available on the Board Of Opticianry. Carol was appointed by the Governor of Florida at the time. Carol served on the Board for 8 years and a little longer until the Governor replaced her position. From 1982, Card Family have been members of POF since the beginning.

Carol received Optician of the Year award from POF in 1982. "Opticianry has been our lives and we will always be grateful for all that has happened."

Winter Park Chamber of Commerce and The City of Winter Park honored all businesses that have been in Winter Park over a designated number of years (25 years, 35 years, 40 years, and 50+ years). One of the Honorees was Card's Opticians, Inc. with 58 years under their belts.





OAA Responds to 'The US News and World Report' Inaccurate Study and Article regarding Opticianry Licensure


Recently, an article ran on the US News and World Report's website based on Opticianry Licensure in the United States.   This article, "Bringing  the Effects of Occupational Licensing into Focus: Optician Licensing in the United States" LINK to original 'Working Paper' on the  Mercatus Center/George Mason website  that was written  by Anna Mills (George Mason University Graduate Student) and Edward J. Timmons (George Mason University Associate Professor) has the potential of placing the American Consumer at risk of eye health problems by advocating the elimination of opticianry licensure across the country. 

POF's Executive Director Mark Miller, brought this 'Working Paper' to the attention of OAA and other optical association leaders after discovering it on the web. Unfortunately, the flawed and inaccurate article has already been released and published. The Opticians Association of America(OAA) immediately sent a response to the US News and World Report refuting the findings of this very flawed and questionable study.

Read the OAA's response to Working Paper and Article


Governor Rick Scott Appoints Two to Board of Opticianry


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – On March 5th,  Governor Rick Scott announced the appointment of Paul Wilford and the reappointment of John Girdler to the Board of Opticianry.

Wilford, 50, of Tallahassee, is an optician with the Tallahassee Eye Center. He succeeds Antonio Feroce and is appointed for a term beginning March 5, 2015, and ending October 31, 2017.

Girdler, 50, of Tallahassee, is an optician with Luxottica, Sears Optical. He is reappointed for a term beginning March 5, 2015, and ending October 31, 2018.

The appointments are subject to confirmation by the Florida Senate.


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NEWS Feed from Vision Monday

January 21st
NEW YORK—The latest Optical Business Barometer (OBB) report from Jobson Optical Research, which gauges the attitudes about their business and their business outlook among independent eyecare professionals, shows that the overall optical business rat…
January 21st
NEW YORK—The latest Optical Business Barometer (OBB) report from Jobson Optical Research, which gauges the attitudes about their business and their business outlook among independent eyecare professionals, shows that the overall optical business rat…
February 2nd
BOCA RATON, Fla.—Herman (Hy) Schwartz, an optical industry veteran, died here on Jan. 31 at age 89.
February 3rd
LEWISVILLE, Texas—Hoya Vision Care announced today the acquisition of Nexus Vision Group, headquartered in Grove City, Ohio, and its affiliated laboratory partners in five states. The purchase price was not announced.


 Written Rx Looks Different in the Digital Age


Phones, televisions and even the written eyeglass Rx look different than they did just 10 years ago. While POF is not able to provide technical support for your smart phone or Wi-Fi connected flat screen, we can provide technical guidance on some of the questions you may have about the recent changes and developments that have affected written eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the new look of the Rx;

Is it illegal to maintain in our files an eyeglass or contact lens Rx written on counterfeit proof pad that has the word VOID or ILLEGAL printed on it?

Can opticians maintain copies of filled eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions electronically in their office instead of the paper version?

Is a prescription that has been digitally signed by the prescriber when no written signature appears is that legally acceptable?

Read POF's responses to these questions on the changin Rx in the digital age.


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